We're looking for new ways

Show us how you work and we can help you with the right solution to efficiently support internal processes and company operations. We are a Microsoft Certified Partner with a focus on implementing and supporting information, CRM, ERP, DMS, PIM systems and e-commerce solutions.
As developers, we have created several of our own products that we further develop and successfully offer to our clients. We offer to companies advice on the use of information technology from analysis needs, through compliance of processes with goals, to the Theory of Constraints (TOC).

Why should you cooperate with us?

We are a team with you

We don't design a solution from the table. We visit you, we ask and get to know your business. At important times, such as launching the system to go live, we are with you personally and online as long as it is needed.

We know how to do it

Over the years we have the well-tuned know-how that works. We offer more products, but the process of implementing them into a company is always the same. When something works well, it doesn't need to be changed

We get more from standard solutions

Before we recommend a system upgrade or a completely new solution, we will review the performance of the current system. Often we can still do something about it.

We are just people

If we don’t know the solution or the answer, we don't say it isn't possible. We just can't figure it out yet. But you can rely on the fact that we are working hard on this and we will solve everything in time.

We react quickly

If there is a need to improve or fix something, we don‘t waste time. Clients are pleased that we communicate quickly and process requests within 24 hours, often much faster.   

You can talk with our IT geeks

That we are an IT company, it doesn't give us any credit. It is often surprising to talk about IT with us in a clear way. Product managers are also developers, so they understand the issue and can help you.

Moments we're proud of

We establish the company and start a business in the Czech market.
We are implementing the first CRM solution in Switzerland, at that time called the Sales Support System. In the end, we deploy this solution to approximately 250 customers.
We are completing the first professional seminar on CRM, still at a time when the term CRM was not yet known.
We are becoming an MS partner, which has lasted until now.
We won a contract for the efficiency of catalog printing for Steinemann AG in Switzerland, we are building a foundation for Pimics.
We establish a branch office in Switzerland. Since then, you will find Allium GmbH in St. Gallen.
We are awarded the Microsoft Industry Awards Finalist for Dynamics Manufacturing solution for the chemical production company STYL.
We are awarded the Microsoft Technology Awards Finalist for Dynamics Logistics & Distribution solution for the company ELIT.
We are expanding to Ostrava and Prague.
We get a contract on delivering Document Management solution for the company Czech Invest.
We are opening our second branch outside the Czech Republic, this time in Dresden, Germany.
We are acquiring the first client in Norway for whom we supply Pimics with emphasis on ETIM and BMECat.
We start cooperation with the Czech Export Bank, for which we deliver online Document Management, ISO and Records Management System.
We successfully pass the ’Certified for Microsoft Dynamics’ certification on module for Product Data Management.

Who you might meet with

Zdeněk Opršal
Zdeněk Opršal
Zdeněk is the founder of Allium, which is actively involved in its growth and sales.

Petr Klen
Petr Klen
Executive Director
Petr leads the department that implements supplying projects and deploying our solutions to our customers. He loves summer, cycling and travelling.
Pavel Navrátil
Pavel Navrátil
Director Customer Development
Pavel is in charge of a department that takes care of current customers. It includes not only support but also the expansion of customer collaboration and functionality.
Jan Kukučka
Jan Kukučka
Director of Strategic Development, Marketing
Jan is in charge of strategic development of the company, products, marketing and cloud solutions Microsoft 365 and Office 365.
Jitka Paulíková
Jitka Paulíková
Economic Development Director
Jitka manages the company's operation in economic terms, solves invoicing and administration.
Reinhard Wetzel
Reinhard Wetzel
Executive Director of the German branch
Reinhard takes care of business in Germany and the growth of our company on the German market.
Marian Kostek
Marian Kostek
Executive Director of the Swiss branch
Marián looks after clients and business in Switzerland. He is in charge of our company's growth in this market.

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