We will deliver exactly what you need

We're not working from the desk in the office. The practice has taught us that without the knowledge of the client we can´t deliver the appropriate solution and develop it together further. That’s why we do it our own way. Then it comes back to us in the form of orders from both new and existing clients and long-term relationships we maintain with them. Look what's waiting for you.

We recognize you and your needs

During repeated meetings, we appraise the most of your business and the people who make it. The usual supplier-client relationship is not enough for us. It is important for us to create a team with you and design a project strategy, consult and decide on the next steps together.

We implement prototyped solution

As soon as it is clear what to supply, the scope of the ordered solution needs to be specified. We will verify this with a trial version of the system that we will run in your company.

Together we perform a differential analysis

Key users work with the prototype and sample data just as they are used to doing the daily agenda in the original system. The goal is to compare its functionality with the existing solution and to clarify the functionality that needs to be expanded.

We train, you test

After all the features are integrated into the system, we will train you in the whole system as well as the individual modules. At this point, you're starting to work with the solution yourself. However, we are still in touch and we immediately resolve all your questions and concerns directly with you in the company.

Launching a live version of the solution

And here it is. We are crowning the testing and upgrading period by putting the new system into operation. From now on you are working with the live data in the new solution. If you have any comments or questions, we deal with them through our helpdesk.

We move to system administration and its further development

Our collaboration does not end by running and passing on solutions. We move to the service phase and, if you are interested, also to the continuous development of the system.

Are you interested in consulting or designing solutions?

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