Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

We have created Allium solution based on Microsoft Dynamics CRM as an environment for recording and managing all customer-perceived activities that are related to its product or service. This includes storing information about personal meetings, contacts, offline and online marketing responses, and about the product itself (timeliness of delivery, delivery quality, response to a complaint). 
We have developed the system on the MS Dynamics CRM platform and currently using Dynamics 365 with our own proven Sales Support System. This implementation is based on long-term developed know-how that respects the needs of our clients.

What the CRM system will bring to you

Organization of all business activities,

monitoring of potential clients, records of clients and suppliers


of email and telephone communications, including its records

Possibility to carry out marketing activities

such as newsletter distribution or letterpress

Links to e-shops, sites, portals

or integration with economic and other systems

Support for service activities

and service tracking

Work with documents

you receive or send to clients

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Available functionality

Creating an offer

We support this active process in our CRM system with just a few tools. In addition to phone and direct mail, it is time-based planning of sales agents’ activities, analysis of the activity from meetings or the tender procedure.

Improving the offer

Our solution is providing the recognition of development and adjustments of our own offerings by analyzing queries arriving at the helpdesk, analyzing lost business opportunities or processing reports from service engineers. 

Automated data processing

The software accepts, produces and stores customer data, business communications, personal meetings, site visits or stores. At the same time, it collects all reactions, quotes, comments and complaints. In keeping track of the development of customer loyalty and profitability, all activity records lead to the natural learning of the system by the user and customization to the customer.

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Zdeněk Opršal product manager