Production management

Allium Dynamic Manufacturing (DM) is a modular solution for business processes optimization through efficient data acquisition, evaluation and data use. It is used for production planning and management, not only in companies focusing on the production of innovative products and services, but the individual modules are usable in a wide range of companies with a various focus. We have developed the production management system on Microsoft platforms - Microsoft Dynamics NAV and AX.
You can cover business processes by choosing the right modules of our solution that are not currently (or are, but only partially) supported by your existing agendas.

What Dynamic Manufacturing will bring you

Possibility of the term management

of pre-production stages - construction and technology - depending on the terms of the business contracts


with construction tools and data synchronization into the information system

Automated data collection

from production machines and their transfer to the information system

Tools for graphic

display, planning and production management

Optimization data collection

from various processes using a barcode application

Reporting and managerial views

of data as support for managerial decision making

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Available functionality

Solutions for custom and small-batch production

The module covers production using project management. It allows managing the resources of the pre-production stages (design, technology) using the tasks and terms that refer to the master plan results. The uniqueness of the concept of pre-production phases unfolds from the possibility of planning unfinished and non-certified products or semi-finished products. Information on the bill of materials (BOM) and technological processes are part of the master plan result and gives you accurate information on the progress of production preparation.

Production management for plastic industry

Our solution provides online data collection from injection molding machines, which subsequently serve as information resources for managers and production workers. It automatically charges produced quantity and consumed time for production orders. The application works with forms and their parts as limited capacities. It tracks the number of cycles on individual molds and then uses this information to plan regular revisions of mold parts.

Production control using APS

One of the modules offers graphical, and therefore the significantly better, view of the workload of production capacities as well as project capacities through the Gantt chart. An overview of the individual capacities and their loading allows for quick operational interventions in the production plan, thus ensuring a faster pass through production and more efficient capacity utilization.

Data synchronization from a design software

Integration of the design software with the information system prevents time losses and errors in manual transcription of structural data into the IS. Data sync enables automatic creation of items and BOMs in the system. Part of the solution is also an automatic linking of created design drawings to the corresponding items.

Data collection using barcode

The application uses advanced data capture technology, which brings a huge amount of benefits. Barcode application provides direct access to the system through touchscreens and smart readers via Wi-Fi. All data related to processed processes are immediately available. The application allows support for any business processes.

Managerial views and reports

Provides aggregated business data and reporting quickly and clearly. Thanks to them, you get an immediate overview of the status of your business processes and their development. You can share reports with all users using a web browser, large screens or mobile applications for tablets and smartphones.

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