Dynamics Logistics & Distribution

Allium Dynamics Logistics & Distribution (DLD) was developed on the Microsoft Dynamics NAV platform as a product for sales and logistics companies. This solution contains various modules that are tailored to the specific needs of each company. DLD solutions include functionality such as optimum inventory planning, warehouse administration and management (WMS), barcode support, purchasing, and sales.
The Dynamic Logistics & Distribution solution enables distribution companies to improve their overall performance through high-quality support for their logistics processes and sales integration. Using efficient logistics tools improves a company's ability to meet customer requirements with minimal warehouse stocks, and therefore allows for maximum warehouse optimization.

The solution is optimized for best performance, being able to handle hundreds of users working simultaneously. In addition, the included performance options and architecture support the continuous development and growth of the company.

What DLD can do for you

Efficient management

of distribution companies, including complex networks with many branches

Help improve customer care

and increase attendance rates

Improve sharing of warehouse status

and stock movement information

Automate tasks

according to predefined conditions

Sophisticated logging,

reporting and evaluation of all activities and processes

Enhanced user rights

that can be defined down to individual records

Detailed product segmentation

into individual groups and categories, including their prioritization

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Available functionality

Warehouse administration and management

The Warehouse Management System (WMS) module provides optimization of solutions for large-volume logistic warehouses, even considering the physical deployment of items in the warehouse. It can work with the movement of goods between different warehouses, accounting for the distance between them.

Barcode support

We developed the Furik barcode application specifically for warehouse and stock shifts, with shipping orders, quality control and quarantine commands, as well as the sending of ready and non-compliant production and times. Part of the application is also a program for barcode printing.


Incuded in DLD is a module for planning purchase optimization, warehouse stocks of sales points and new predictions.


Within our own DLD solution, we guarantee performance optimization for hundreds of simultaneous users in a single database, including remotely connected users from a branch officeor even abroad. Fast customer service is possible thanks to reliable system response and continuity of operations.

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